My Challenges overcome with Inspiration

I had been struggling with my health for the past two years. This experience had left me feeling isolated and afraid to open up and be myself. But in January 2023, something shifted within me. I decided to take a chance and become more open about my introverted-extroverted personality. 

However, as I began to share my true self with the world, life had a way of throwing challenges my way. Despite this, I am determined to become more courageous and face these obstacles head-on. And in doing so, I discovered that there were many inspiring people in my life who helped me along the way. 

The first group of people that stood out to me were my team members at my startup company. Even though I had been dealing with health issues, my colleagues always gave me a warm “get well soon” after every meeting. I worked together to solve problems and overcome struggles, and this support helped me to become more confident in my abilities. 

The second group of people that inspired me was the leadership team at my company. I was always striving to maximize contribution and efficiency, even when I was away or on-the-go. I was able to manage the team effectively and was grateful for my hard work. 

Thirdly, I had a close friend in my HR and Finance Manager. Even though this individual may have been a negative talker at times, I knew that my friend was always looking out for me. I was a true partner and he helped me narrow down my checklist in the business. Though I may have been stubborn, my friend was a reliable and trustworthy confidant. 

Fourthly, I had a few close friends who saw me for who I truly was. Despite rarely seeing each other in person, these friends remained steadfast and supportive. I provided a safe space for myself and treasured my friendship. 

Fifthly, I have been mentoring students and business owners for the past five years through my volunteer work. This experience taught me how to be more sociable and friendly. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and found that this work was a two-way street, as I also learned from my mentees. 

Sixthly, I attended seminars and conferences for some time and met a few mentors who I admired greatly. Even though they didn’t know me personally, these individuals had a profound impact on my life. I saw me as an inspiration and motivated myself to be the best version of me. 

Seventhly, I had lost my late brother and mother, who I believed were my angels. These two individuals had loved me unconditionally, and my memories remained a source of comfort and inspiration. 

Eighthly, my patriarchal father had always been resistant to diversity. However, this year was different. I noticed a change in my father as he coped with the foreclosure of his home. I wanted to help my father enjoy life to the fullest and to embrace all the opportunities that came his way. 

Lastly, I realized that I needed to focus on myself. I began to adopt a healthier lifestyle and worked on being less of a workaholic. I found that this shift helped me to see a different version of myself – one that was more confident and at peace. 

Throughout my journey, I found that writing was a powerful tool for self-expression. I questioned whether I should continue posting on social media or start a blog to share my thoughts more frequently. But regardless of the platform, I knew that it was important to share my experiences with others who may be going through the same thing. 

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