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About me


General Manager / Founder Head of Clients & Partner Services / Web Developer / Online Marketer / Graphic Designer

Notable Achievements

A friend who is studying in famous university ask me to read a book about Web Development and do their project/thesis in exchange for a service fee.

I Accept more Information technology (I.T) projects to gain allowance to support my studies. Then, They referred me to Marketing student for another project/thesis and ask me study Marketing Books

One of my clients referred me to a company and work as a Web Developer

An Accelerated student pass we under Alternative Learning System (ALS) and start to wrk as a work-at-home professional for online freelance projects.

Receiving international and local projects and jobs from entry level to managerial positions for Web Development, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design services in various industries

Certification & Accreditation​

Providing services for Local and International Companies in the fields of Web Development, Online Marketing, and Graphic Design, while also offering mentorship to entrepreneurs and students.

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