At Age15: Student / Waiter

Not everyone know, I started to work as waiter in a small restaurant near in my school and few miles from home.

At Age16: Student / IT Worker

.A friend who is studying in famous university ask me to read a book about Web Development and do their project/thesis in exchange for a service fee.

At Age 17: Student / Marketing Worker

I accept more Information Technology (I.T) projects to gain allowance to support my studies. Then, They referred me to Marketing student for another project/thesis and ask me study Marketing books.

At Age 18: First Web Developer Job

One of my clients referred me to a company and work as a Web Developer.

At Age 19: Acceleration Student Passer

An Accelerated student passer under Alternative Learning System (ALS) and start to work as a work-at-home professional for online freelance projects.

Starting 20: Growing Online Jobs

Receiving international and local projects and jobs from entry level to managerial positions for Web Development, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design services in various industries. .